Monday, October 26, 2009

killyrcomics episode 2

Hey all,
Got the second episode recorded. It came in a bit longer than I wanted, but I enjoyed creating the retrospective on Walter Simonson (one of my favorite artists). I may need a better microphone because I'm not sure how to get rid of the static when I am recording my voice. If anybody has any pointers, I would love to hear them. Now all I need are some listeners. Come on, comic book lovers.... listen to my podcast!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Episode 1

I got the first podcast recorded last night. I thought that was going to be the most challenging part, but, as usual, life has surprised me. Trying to get it posted to the web and get someone to actually listen to it is seeming to be the most challenging part.
I'm hoping I can get it posted to the Comics Podcast Network, but they want you to have 10 episodes under your belt. I may be broadcasting to the void here for awhile. I tried to drum up some interest by posting a link on some comic book forums, but I seem to have a hit a nerve. I guess I wasn't the first person to think of that.
I must say it gives me some new found respect for all the pod casters who have managed to build up a following.
I did get it posted to itunes, though, so that happened faster than I thought.